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Through the years there have been questions concerning the year in which Nazareth came into being. With the absence of church records documenting the year in which the congregation was formed, other historical records were searched in an effort to put these questions to rest. Attempts to search Lexington County land records were fruitless because all records prior to 1830 were destroyed by Union troops in 1864. Also, a search of the records stored at SC State Archives failed to provide the desired information. At long last, the information being sought was located in the family history of the "Roof Family of Central SC, 1748-1999."
At the time of its founding in the early 19th century, the Nazareth Lutheran Church community encompassed a large area of the upper sand hill region of Lexington County. Nazareth sometimes is referred to as the Mother Church with off springs of several other churches in the area, which were organized to serve their respective communities as the rural areas became heavier populated.

Driving a Buggy to Church

It would seem strange to drive a buggy to church today, and then throw down some food for the horse to eat while attending services. But it wasn't unusual during the early 30's.

Wilbur McCartha

My parents talk about how they used to serve dinner to the preacher and his family. Once, they had a preacher that wasn't married and every Sunday someone from the church would invite him to eat dinner with them.

JoAnn Shealy

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